3 Boxes of Raw PRE-ROLLED tips (63 Total PRE-ROLLED Tips) + 1 RPD Doob Tube

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Each Field of Uncooked Herbal unrefined PRE-ROLLED Pointers comes with 21 Pointers In step with Field and 3 Packing containers In step with order for a complete of 63 Pointers on this order! The following pointers are already PRE-ROLLED which means that they’re a time saver! Simply placed into the rolling paper or cigarette rolling system! Rolling Paper Pointers are a very powerful a part of rolling your individual cigarette. A few other people mistakenly name those ‘filters’ however they’re NOT filters (they do not filter out anything else out, They are only a tip / spacer).

1. Prevents having soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends.
2. Conserves your tobacco, no wasted ends.
3. Strengthens your cigarette and provides if higher form.
4. Prevents tobacco from going into your mouth (no “PAH-TEWing”)

You’ll additionally obtain one Unique Rolling Paper Depot Doob Tube. The tubes are made from plastic and feature a rubber most sensible. This seals in scent and stops lint, water, or anything you’ve gotten to your wallet from getting into. They are easiest for touring. You’ll obtain 1 tube. Colour would possibly range.

3 Packing containers of Uncooked Prerolled Pointers (sixty three Overall Pointers)
Comprises Unique RPD Doob Tube
21 Pointers In step with Field, 3 Packing containers Overall = 63 PRE-ROLLED RAW TIPS
Herbal and Unrefined