Weed Bat

With the selections,  You will get the best in your favorite weed one-hitter.

We all know that a weed one-hitter is not the best smoke in the world, in fact, I am not keen on them.

But and

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it is a big but, When I’m out and about these become one of my favorite things in the world.

I can’t go out with my favorite bong or my favorite pipe, I Need a quick blast from something. These do the trick with being secret as a stealth Double agent. Nobody Knows

What is a weed bat?

It is a small pipe for getting a quick blast.

The actual term was used as the pipes are basically shaped like a baseball bat. They were small and straight and wasn’t designed for anything else apart for being a secret hitter.

It is a weed pipe but not for use for social smoking, its small unique and that I am NOT a big fan of them. They Do the job when your out and about.

How to use weed bat?

Really Simple, You Pack the one end quickly. You burn it with a lighter and then you inhale a Short big hit (or two). it will burn your throat if you are not used to it as I stated before, these are designed for a small big hit.

How to clean weed bat?

You can use anything really that is long and thin but the best bet is to use a pipe cleaner. But if you have not got one. You can use something like a coat hanger or the inside of a biro pen (no don’t do it). You get the point

Just a little warning, make sure you have something on the other side to catch out all the crap. Like some toilet tissue or kitchen towel, anything really just not on the floor of your new carpet.

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Showing all 5 results