Weed Pipes

Weed Pipes Smoking History

The history of normal pipes has been around for decades and decades and is properly the first real way of smoking anything traditionally

While we

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all know that this pipe was used just to get people their nicotine fix they are now very popular (but not by some states In The USA or some countries worldwide)  for smoking Marijuana.

The first trace of people smoking was the Fellow Native Americans and they were doing it for years and years way before the British even set foot on the lands.

For these people smoking herbal or weed was a peace process that was used for special occasions and was done through long pipes.

How To Use Your Weed Pipe

A pipe is a Pipe, There really is not much difference between using a weed pipe or an actual smokers pipe. Usually, a weed pipe is made up from a glass while normal smokers pipes are made from clay in a shape of a small bowl.

So just like a smoker, You pack your pipe (not too much as you need oxygen to flow) with your favorite tipple, put the pipe into your mouth. Use a lighter and burn slowly at the bowl and smoke away.

Heres a Complete rundown on using your weed pipes

  • You start packing your bowl with your finest marijuana that has been grind down using a weed grinder.
  • With The Pipe placed onto your lips, Get one of your fingers to cover over the little whole known as the carb.
  • With the lighter burning, gently put it over the packed marijuana so it starts to slowly burn and then softly start to pull the smoke through the pipe Without Inhaling as its the first pull and it will allow more smoke left inside the pipe.
  • When You are good to go for your hit, Release your finger from the hole and slowly inhale the hit.
  • then just keep repeating the steps into you want lots to eat 😉

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Showing 1–12 of 37 results