Weed Grinders

Really really glad that the whole old process of putting a whole bud into a burning bowl is dying out as fast as fidget spinners.

A good workman 

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will have the right tool for the job and this page is dedicated to making your life a lot easier when preparing your stash.

You have probably been searching for weed grinders since your mates got one and not only do they look cool they work well and make you have the finest smoothest smoke with ease.

It is not just the smoke though, Using weed grinders keeps everything clean and simple and not much mess to clear up after a session.

So you are looking for a cool weed grinder to do the trick and you have found the right place at the right time.

Why Not Too, Use Your Fingers

  • It gets Messy and you don’t want that.
  • It gets stuck to your fingers and that’s a pain
  • Takes Time and time and more effort
  • Inconsistent Pieces meaning inconsistent combustion and very uneven Hits. Some Strong some weak.

Why Use Weed Grinders

The following is the perfect examples of why to purchase a weed grinder.

  • Fast, Who doesn’t like speed, the faster you can do it the faster you can puff up.
  • Clean, Who does not like cleaning up. Nobody and you won’t get any hassle with a grinder.
  • Even Heating, No more inconsistent heat. Perfect heat almost every time.
  • Consistent Hits, Even heat means more consistent great hits and not too hard or too weak.
  • Increased Surface Area – Spread it out easily
  • Retain More Kief – Yep Sounds Right.
  • Fresher Taste – Your enjoy your hits even better if they taste better.

How much are weed grinders

The cost of them can vary from $1 to well over $100 but the average is around $35.  If your a big smoker Stay away from the cheap ones, they will break easily and you will keep buying them. Get a good one and keep it. The choices on here will last you years.

How to make Weed Grinders

Don’t bother. Simple as that. They are hard to make a really good one so Just Purchase One.

Does grinding weed make it less potent?

No, Unless you are going to grind it right done into nothing. No, it does not mean its less potent. Grind it right and you will have the best smoke you will ever have. Simple.

Does grinding weed lose thc

It can if you are going to really grind it down, just don’t do it. But you won’t lose a lot.

Does grinding weed make it go bad faster?

Yes, it does but not that fast beside you only need to grind in what you are going to use.  So use common sense.

Weed Grinder options

They can come in all sorts of colors and parts, You can buy a 2 Piece grinder which does work but it is not that great and only really recommends them if your traveling or your need space in your clothing.

there are 3 pieces, 4 pieces, and 5 Piece grinders. you can get more but we recommend sticking to a 4 piece grinder as they are potentially the All rounder and the less hassle.

These days the grinders come with kief and pollen screens to catch all the bits and make your weed last even longer.

Coolest ones have a see-through lid so you can see all the parts working and grinding.

Some have a crank to help you get through those stubborn weed bits.

the teeth of the grinder can alter as you will get shapes like Shark Teeth, Diamond or steel pin teeth. It really does not matter which one you choose as they all do the same job and its just a matter of which you think the coolest is.

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Showing all 9 results