Weed Dugout

In the states of America, there are still quite a lot of states that the old mary jane is still not accepted at all. (Still, Sont know why But I’m not Getting into that).

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Or Because some of your friends or relatives are keeping their nose in the air and look down on people who enjoy a little bit of pot now and again.

There has always been and always will be Sneaky Stealth Mary Jane Smokers and this is where A Weed Dugout comes in very very Handy. It is a stealth pipe in a box that you can take anywhere.

What is a weed dugout?

Dugouts have been around since the 70s but really have just started to come back into fashion due to the ease and handiness of them.

The basics of it is a very small handy pipe in a container that you have your stash in. You simply take the pipe out of the one side, Push down on the other side (where your stash is) and magic. your know loaded for a quick strong one Hit. Light up and bombs away.

A very crafty, quick way of getting a fix.

How much does a weed dugout cost?

They cost around $5 all the way over $100 and the average cost of them is around $29.99

Do I Need A Weed Dugout?

No, You Do not Need one. If you at home then just use your bong or normal pipe. But if you are going to go out and need a hit being sneaky then Yes you do Need one. Simple and Easy to use and you won’t get spotted.

So if You Now Want One, Just Have A Look at the great selections we have on this page and get that Sneaky Hit Whenever You Feel Like it.

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results