Weed Pipe Cleaner

The More and More you enjoy smoking weed the more you are going to do it as your body starts to get used to it and your smoke more.

After time Your

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are going to need to clean all your equipment, All Your own bubblers, Water Bongs, and Smoking Pipes will smell very nasty and have like a dark resin look which does put people off.

You will get a build up of carbon, carcinogens and other awful chemicals that can and will affect your Health.


I hate cleaning anything but for some reason, I don’t mind cleaning my pipes and stuff as I am a big smoker and I know the benefits in it.

How I clean My Pipes

I clean them with A pipe cleaner almost every day, They don’t┬ácost much and it is so simple to use.

Just get one and put it up through the hole of your pipe and just go back and forth while twisting them.

Do this and you will get the most consistent smoke ever.

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