What are Best Pipe Screens?

If in your pipe, You have a big hole. You might lose your stash into your pipe which will eventually clog it up and make the pipe useless and The smoke being very inconsistent. You might

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also inhale the actually weed as well which is not a pleasant experience.

So using a screen will prevent this from happening and keep your pipes and bowls nice and clean inside. So no more messy about giving them a hard clean.

Do not use a homemade screen, you don’t know what chemicals are in them and proper screens will last ages

How to use Best Pipe Screens?

To use a Them is as simple as 1,2,3. They are usually made out of a soft metal so you can bend them.

You get one, put them on the top of your bowl and with your finger or thumb just press them down until they make the shape of the bowl.

When this is ready, you can put your favorite herbs in and smoke away just like normal.

If you are using a Bong.

The Screen also has the feature of keeping everything from entering your bongs downstream or chamber. Which is also a plus as you won’t need to clean your bong out as much.

When To Change your Best Pipe Screens?

That’s easy to answer, as soon as the screen becomes dark, black or burnt. Just simply take it out and bang in a new one.

Best Pipe Screen sizes

Pipe screens can come in different sizes, Just make sure your measured up and get screens that are the same size or a little bigger than your Pipe bowl or glass bong.

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