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Volcano Vaporizer Discount Code

volcano vaporizer discount code

Volcano Vaporizer Discount Code


There Comes a time in your life that one product really sticks out from the rest for its use and this product is The Volcano.

volcano vaporizer discount code

The Volcano is the ultimate in smoking (sorry Vaping) your favorite herbs with ease. But it comes with a huge hefty price. At around five hundred dollars, it will sting your bank balance but Guess you have already tried it or read reviews around it. You Want It and We know the Volcano vaporizer discount code.


The Volcano vaporizer

If your not sure what the volcano does, here a little explanation. Instead of herb combustion (burning), the machine itself heats up your great stuff at just the right temperature to vapor off the better stuff for you to inhale Healthier.

This way you can get high just like smoking a bong or joint but without all the harmful toxins that you can inhale.

There are a lot of different vaporizers out on the market but the volcano is the one that everybody wants. 

I personally do not own one but my good friend does and I know from personal experience how good they are.

Volcano vaporizer discount code

Ok, Enough of the talking and getting on with the Volcano vaporizer discount code.

Here is the Discount code for extra $20 off


That, You can get the Volcano Vaporizer for $458 Instead of $519 which gives you a $62 Saving and won’t hurt your bank account as much.

But My advice is to Hurry Up as the code will not last forever and if you are going to get one, Get it today with further discounts.

Use Your Code Here at


If your still not sure to get a Volcano Vaporizer just yet, then you can watch the review below by one of my favorite weed channel Pulp Entertainment.

Enjoy The video and remember to always smoke safe and get high in Peace.

Dee Von

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Vaporizers Like Volcano

Vaporizers Like Volcano

Vaporizers Like Volcano

As Weed is In my life and probably always going to be in my life, After going round to a friend of a friend of a friends house and discovering he Had “The Volcano“.

He threw a big F$%*ng Ballon Party…..

Not a child’s balloon party, but a Volcano Ballon Party… if you don’t know what this is Ill Explain… if you don’t know already

The Volcano is a vaporizer that when used stores all the vapor of the weed in a Big Ballon (see Pic Below) and when full (takes 20 seconds ish), You take the ballon off and then Put a little Draw thing in it and you take draws.

You can take around 6 draws at once depending on your lung capacity of High-Quality Vapour. Then You just simply put the ballon back on, fill up again and pass the thing around.

The whole experience is Amazing and the draws are fantastic but there is one thing for me that really stops me buying one and that’s it comes with a hefty price.

They do cost around $600 and for me, I rather spend my money on good quality stash. The other things I can do with $600 is mind-boggling, so Even though they are bloody brilliant and if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the whole stock of them.

But At this moment. No thank You…



The Classic Volcano
The Classic Volcano In All Its Glory!


Just seen one at For $458 While using coupon code “STORZ20″

Just still not tempted to buy One Just yet until they’re under $400.

Vaporizers Like Volcano
Not this Balloon…

Vaporizers Like Volcano

The Volcano is an awesome bit of machinery but Their price is just too much out of my league for what I want. so I have done this list in Helping you decide to purchase Vaporizers Like Volcano without costing you too much of your hard earned cash.



Another friend of a friend has got the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer and I had to go to see it, So I called my buddy and he arranges and we went around to his place. (making sure I had nothing to do the next day – Top Tip)

As I am there, it does look like a bit of a cheap rip off to the volcano but to my surprise, When I was allowed to touch it. It felt heavy but good quality made.

Around $170, I was there was going to a big con as this has a balloon and just a straight inhaler. I choose to look at the balloon first…

Using their balloon was great, I got about 5 draws(if I remember) which is not as good as the volcano but still done the trick just as good.

Then he switched it to Tube connector which You take draws straight off the marijuana. This time my belly was getting hungry. Glad he ordered Pizza and Yes I like Pineapple on mine. (don’t look at me in disgust)

This is not an Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer review, Just what I experienced and my personal thoughts are that it really has done the trick and if you are looking for a cheaper version than the volcano

check It Out here

Even though the arizer is a great piece of kit, For me I am going to wait until the volcano drops the price, It is the best desktop vaporizer in the world and is great for social parties. If you are going to have one, have one in style.


Vaporizers Like Volcano Top Tip – It is funny how…

When you try a vaporizer for the first time (not my first) and think what a crock of god damn shite it is, then Boooooooom… It hits you like no tomorrow. So Just be careful when trying any of this machines bragging about it does not work like I see first vapors do. Just go easy.

Let me know what desktop balloon styles you have done or recommend in comments below.


If you are interested in The Volcano, Check out this YouTube Review – By Vaporize Youtube Channel.

You Can Purchase The Volcano Here.

If you are Interested In The ARIZER EXTREME Q VAPORIZER, Check Out The review Here By Youtube Channel Sneaky Pete

You can purchase The Arizer Here