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Cheapest Ways To Get High


Cheapest Ways To Get High

You know that the dreaded nights are coming in and you will be mostly Netflix & chill with lots of lots of pizza’s (or that’s just me) and the fact that weed is getting more and more legal in the united states.

It still isn’t cheap to smoke your favorite herb and I do not think it will be for a long long time.

If you like smoking weed like I do, You know you are going to have to work a lot to keep up your habit so I have come up with this list from me and a few buddies to help you in Cheapest Ways To Get High which will help you either save money or buy more.

Which Ever way, Enjoy smoking and munching, Netflix and chilling. (Hurry up Season 3 of stranger things…)

Smoking Weed.

You know, When your smoking a joint or blunt, your wasting so much of the marijuana as it escapes in the smoke and goes up in the air meaning your losing money every time you smoke a Joint.

The best more Cost efficient Way is to use a Bong Or Pipe Instead.

If you are going to be purchasing a Pipe then for an even better cost-efficient way of doing it is a tip called Cornering. Another word when you light the pipe or bong bowls then just get the lighter and burn the edges first

This really stops lighting up the whole packed pipe and wasting your money also one of the Cheapest Ways To Get High.

Pipes Will Save You More Money


Just Wait To Light up Again.

After you have enjoyed smoking a few of your first bowl, you know its coming and you start to feel relaxed. Give it a good 30 minutes before you light up again as I see loads of people smoking pot to quickly and they don’t need all of it and its just a matter of running out to fast. Save your money and only light up again if needs are necessary.

Grind your Weed, Save your kief

Using a good solid grinder will not only give you more consistent smooth smoking hits but they also will save all the Kief too.

The kief is after all supposed to be the best bit of your weed and does contain the highest amount of THC and you can use this sprinkle magic dust to top up on your bowl and get the most out of it. Which in turns saves you more money down the line.


Grind your Weed and Save your Kief also saves you money.



Buy A Vape.

You might not want to but into today’s world vaping is becoming more and more popular as you get your hits while being healthier. Using a Good vaporizer though will be pricey to start with but it is almost double the amount of efficiency you get with it compared to regular smoking. The leading vaporizers can convert up to 48% of THC into Vapor.

That might sound like nothing but compare to a joint which is 25% or bong which is slightly higher, again over time the vaporizer will pay for itself.

Buy A Vaporizer


Store Your Marijuana.

Do not bother storing your favorite stash in a silly, plastic bag. This is first of all, not environment-friendly. The plastic bag which will expose your weed to the dreadful rays of sunlight will corrode all the goodness of THC in it.

If you are going to store it cheaply, Then use foil and pack it tight but be professional about it and purchase your self a great solid storage container that is designed to give your bud the longest possible life cycle. Another way of Cheapest Ways To Get High and save your bud, save your money.


Growing your own Marijuana.

If you can be really assed, growing your own Marijuana will save you tons of tons of money in the long run. Yes, it is expensive to start off with but other time the benefits are absolutely amazing. A friend of mine has his own indoor self-eco system called the Armoire which cost him $999 to start off with and comes with everything you need except seeds and water.

He saved and saved for a system like this and now he is reaping the rewards and I also get my stash cheap as chips. Mates Rates as they say. But mostly now, he can get high as a kite for little to nothing because he can be assed to do it.

Grow your Own, Benefits will reward those who can be bothered.

Hope you really enjoyed this Cheapest Ways To Get High list and if you got any tips and tricks yourself, I would love to hear and comment below to save all of us money.

Expensive To Start But The Rewards Are Massive.


Check out this funny video from thegermanweedboys youtube channel. We can all relate to it.