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Best Weed Pipes In The World

Best Weed Pipes In The World

Best Weed Pipes In The World

My Favorite Best Weed Pipes In The World is a collection of my personal favs, They might be more pricey than the average pipe but If you are looking for durability, great consistent smokes then I think I have got it covered. Enjoy This List.




With my first selection on Best Weed Pipes In The World comes the 6″ GRAV LABS SHERLOCK, the stylish weed pipe is based on the iconic detective as this can secretly put away easily.

Positives: As its made of 100% glass, you will have improved flavored smoke. Also comes in this neat idea is a nice built-in stand so you can pack it as much as you want without spilling any of your favorite herbs and waste money.

Negatives: As its purely made of glass, The people who have butterfingers might give this a second thought as it will chip away if dropped.

Why I Recommend it. Its Easily affordable and Will not hurt your bank balance much, You can really pack this pipe well and get a good smoke out of it. Also Easy to hide in your inside coat pocket.

Cost $24

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Anyone whos anyone knows about the healing of marijuana combined with crystals. Mystique has a unique 4″ and looks great.

Positives: Comes with a screen and you know that it will stop anything getting into your mouth like, dirty ash or debris and which also helps the pipe not getting clogged up all the time.

As it is made from crystal, it is a lot more durable than glass so it is Good with butterfingers.

Every crystal pipe has a very unique health benefit and there are 12 different crystal pipes to choose from that will benefit you.

Also that the pipe has been designed and styled so it won’t roll off any flat surfaces. Which is another benefit to you?

Negatives: A lot pricier than your average pipe and if you are not into the magic methods of unique crystal then maybe stay away

Why I recommend them: They do really give you a great smoke, they look good and if you are into Magic beliefs. It will certainly be up your street.

Cost $62

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Genius Pipe

If you have looked at a few lists on Best Weed Pipes In The World, I am sure you have come across the Genius Pipe in perhaps all of the lists.

Why? Cause its a bloody great pipe. Its small compact and discreet and held up together by 3 layers of strong magnets.

Positives: Being one of the thinnest pipes in the world, it delivers a great tasting smoke due to the 2000 dimples in it, that is designed to cool down the smoke and filter out any unwanted stuff like tar etc.

Considering, the smoke travels a lot. You will find it has a great draw on it as if you were smoking from a normal big bowl. Also, the benefits are that the top is designed so you will not spill any of your good stuff on the floor.

It is strong as an ox too, so anyone with butterfingers should really think about purchasing one as they are practically solid as a rock.

Negatives: Almost twice the price as a normal pipe, so you are going to have to save a little.

Why I recommend it. Amazing pipe with a great smooth solid smoke and also being the pipe that is the stealthiest on the planet.

Cost $79 To $99 Depending On The Style

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The PROMETHEUS TITAN by Pyptek is supremely made pipe. The durability of this pipe will have you smoking from this for years to come.

Positives: A fantastic smooth consistent smoke, The looks are really fantastic and you can easily clean as at all comes apart very easily. Also, did I mention how strong these pipes are so defo for butterfingers.

Negatives: Very very pricey, Will have to save up for a few more weeks than the average Pipe. Also, it is a big Pipe so not really recommending to taking it out with you unless you really need to.

Why I Recommend It: If you are looking for a pipe that gives you solid hits time after time and a pipe that is strong and going to last you years and years. Look no Further Than this Beauty.

Cost $139.99

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If your a beginner in a smoking pot from a pipe, watch this funny video. Credit to Arend Richard Youtube Channel


This List is My personal Best Weed Pipes In The World and feel free to tell me about yours. Would Love to know in the comments below.

Please also remember to Smoke pot Safely, Too much can be harmful.

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