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Best Bongs under 100

Best Bongs under 100

Best Bongs under 100

Before We go done to my best bongs under 100, Just wanted to say why you need a bong.

Why Use A bong?

  • For a Start, They look amazing and will look great in any smokers house/apartment
  • So Much Better for you, The smoke passing through the water will help it get rid of unwanted toxins and chemicals. Like a safe filter.
  • Cooler hits, The smoke passing through the water again will cool it down and won’t be so harsh on your throat
  • Does not lose any THC, As thc is not water soluble. Which benefits you and all of us.
  • You can use oils, concentrates, and Herbs.

Negatives About Using Bongs

  • They are not practical to travel. Bongs are easy to break and you can’t really fit them inside your Jacket. Really for home use only.


So realistically, bongs are a great bit of kit if you love to smoke at home and me being one of them, I have quite a few of them and my friends all have them. So Here are my favorites that I either own or tried and you can get for under $100 (In No Particular order).



A great starter bong that I bought myself, You get a great taste due to the disc percolators. it really does filter the smoke and makes the bubbles fine. Comes in 3 different sizes which I have the medium size.

It is a perc bong and everything is practically see-through, you also have a handle which helps you hold it and is great for not rolling away from you at all. Stopping accidents in breaking it. I Still have mine.

This is a great Perc bong for anyone and the prices are $59 To $79 Depending on the size you would like. It will not hurt your wallet that much.

Click Here To Check It Out At





A friend of mine has this and its a pretty neat piece of kid. The Mad Scientist bong looks like it has been made by Doc Brown (Off the Back to The Future Film Franchise)

You don’t need to be a crazy old fool to smoke from one of these. The chambers give you a nice comfortable hit (not the best).

You can mess about with it and put it at different lengths to suit your style of inhaling.

It is a cool little bong but for me, if though you do get good hits off it, I rather have a bigger one. I think it deffo for starters or to show off.

Price Now – Only $30

Click Here To Check It Out



This Milky spiral perc bong is a stunning piece of equipment that I have tried out and will purchase when my main bong breaks or fails me.

Made from professional glassblowers, What I found out about this design when smoking is that due to the perc spiral sitting right dead in the middle. It really does clean/filter your smoke while really cooling it down which gave me a supreme taste.

Also has Ice notches for anyone that really wants to cool their smoke down even more. the only trouble I personally had trying this out was that I thought I had to do a little bit more inhaling than normal to get the hit but that really isn’t a bad thing considering the consistent and smooth smoke. Comes in 2 different colors.

One for the future me and cost at the moment is just under $100 at $94

Click Here To Check it out.


Still, with me, Check out some more best bongs under 100.



This 4-Man Bong is a blast for stoner parties, up to 4 of your mates can all suck on this boy at the same time. It really is great fun as you get completely wasted at the same time.

Yes, I do own one of these, not for when I am on my own but when I got guests around. It is really fun to get out for you and your mates, especially if your ordering pizzas.

The downside to this is that you can find yourself headbutting each other but that can be actually funny. You also will run down your gear faster as there’s is 4 of you puffing at once. You also don’t get big hits when all 4 of you are on it. But it is really good fun and another that desrves to be on this Best Bongs under 100 list.

Only $28

Check It out Here.




This is such a simple bong that I personally use. I use it after a hard day at work that I just want to sit down Netflix and chill. Easy to use and I do drop a few ice cubes in it to help cool down the smoke as the water does not really cool it down that much.

It is not for having a heavy session, even though you can. Personally for me. Just a relaxer after a hard days graft.

Only $20

Check it out here.




A really cool bong that a friend of mine owns. It really did impress me as it has filters, a great cooling network giving you brilliant smooth consistent hits every time.

It is not a massive bong what so ever but has a great design you would think it was very expensive like I did at first.

Any bong with ice Notches I Love, and this one has 3 of them so just drop them in a way you smoke.

With this bong it comes with a very big bowl, so its great for passing around and having long sessions. Order the pizzas (Can you tell I like pizzas yet?)

Comes in 4 different colors and the price is $48 and certainly deserves to be  on this Best Bongs under 100 list.

Check it Out here




This Is not really a bong but more of a smokers kits for traveling. The reason I put this on my Best Bongs under 100 list is that it does come with a bong which is good for traveling and going out with.

The kit comes complete with everything you need to go out to a festival or something where you socialize with your buddies.

The kit comes with a lighter, papers, filter tips and of course a WaterBong. The bong itself is small but it does the Job. The smoke is harsh but you can’t have it all.

Like most bongs, you can’t really take them with you, but you can take this kit with you and enjoy with your buddies. This is like a travel survival kit and only really need it if you are going out and need a few hits with your buddies. (don’t forget to bring the water).

Cost Of Kit $50

Click here To Check it Out.




Did I mention that I love ice in My Bongs? Well, I do and this baby has an arched back so you can just simply drop ice cubes in it any time you want. It is quite a tall bong that I tried and like it a lot. The smoke is smooth but a bit inconsistent for me. Maybe need to put more ice in it next time I have a blast.

I think you get a free shark grinder with this as well as some pipe screens to get you started. Good value with a nice smoke even though its a bit inconsistent.

Cost $70

Click here To Check It Out.



ice Bong

And Now for something completely different on my Best Bongs under 100 list. Imagine having a bong that can never break (well, you keep remaking it) and made from Ice. Cool, all what. (no pun intended)

This is the first Ice Mould bong I came across and I tried it out and actually got a nice smooth consistency hits from it. But realistically even though It works, and delivers very smooth consistent hits.

It is a bong that needs 8-hour preparing and That my friends are that I can’t be assed with. The bong also only realistically last a few hours but you can get another one in the freezer while you are using it.

For $90 I would rather buy a proper bong even though the positive is, You can make these time and time again. Does really work and gives you good hits.

but realistically I think its a novelty and once that’s over with, Don’t think you are assed to freeze another one. But if you are going to have a party, be really impressive to do one.

Cost $89

Click Here To Check it Out.


Time For Some Fun, Check out this video for some funny bong going onssss… Credit to SativaJoint Youtube Channel


Hope You Like This Best Bongs under 100 list and don’t forget to comment on your favorite bongs under $100 and share this page.

Remember To Always To Use Cannabis Safe

Dee Von



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