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Affordable Expensive weed grinders

Affordable Expensive weed grinders

Expensive Weed Grinders

Expensive weed grinders are for the passionate forever marijuana smoker that knows that grinding weed is the best way of getting that perfect consistent smoke. They know they need a high-quality grinder that will last them for years to come.

We all know you can get a cheap plastic weed grinder for cheap but realistically they are crap, they do not last and the grinding is awful.

While the most expensive weed grinders can go up to $500, we know you do not really need to fork out that much just for a grinder but you still need a good one.

So on this list, you will have the best affordable expensive weed grinders that will have you grinding the perfect smoke time after time, year after year.

So let us get on with it to show you the best ones, the price and where to get them from.


Expensive Weed Grinders – The Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 piece.

santa cruz shredder jumbo 4 piece

This is the biggest Grinder we know off and it really is the Main man of weed grinding. With its huge 10cm diameter (4 inches for those who or metric ignorant). The amount of marijuana you will be able to grind in one sitting will save you huge amounts of time. Being prepared is like this is unrivaled in any other grinder.

The razor sharp edges are on the diamond shaped teeth which will go through anything you can feed it even the densest weed. You will be able to grind a fine stash of marijuana in a nice fluffy collection that gets collected in the lowest part of the grinder.

It has a nice collector at the bottom that has a sifting screen, so any of those annoying brakes of trichome tops will go through at the kief storage at the bottom.

Every Part of the Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 piece is made from a solid metal called CnC-aluminium which is durable solid and tough enough to withstand any accidental drops or hits and knocks that you will likely to do.

Also, the blades of the teeth are made from the same metal which means that the edges will be sharp for years and years.

You can get this in lots of different colors which are – Silver, Red, Blue, Black, Rasta, and Gold.

How Much? $140,

Where From > Check it Out Here


Expensive Weed Grinders – The 4-PIECE HERB GRINDER By Phoenician engineering grinder

4-PIECE HERB GRINDER by Phoenician Engineering grinder

This Phoenician engineering grinder is an absolute monster made from the highest quality materials that you would find from Phoenician. Aerospace Grade 6061 Aluminium.

With awesome quality assured, This Phoenician Engineering grinder comes with its own unique feature called a quick notch locking system which is simple to use because all you have to do is twist it once and the whole thing comes apart.

They have designed and patented (pending) a system of teeth that hardly any effort on your part to grind your favorite strain of weed.

The locking/twisting is held all together by one of the worlds strongest magnet, a Neodymium magnet. Which means you won’t lose any of your stashes.

Each Phoenician Engineering grinder has a solid laser etched of its serial number, a date on the bottom of the grinder so you know you are getting the real Mccoy.

Comes in 3 different sizes, 78mm (biggest) 60mm and the smallest at 44m, and something I forgot to mention is that it has a convenient rolling paper holder built into the lid, which is ideal for me.

How Much? $85 To $110, Depends on the Size.

Where From > Check it Out Here



Expensive Weed Grinders FOUR PIECE GRINDER SIFTER By Kannastor grinder

Made from top quality Aluminium, This smooth metal grinder from Kannastor grinder has been overworked to give it a very durable finish

You want consistency, you got it. The ultimate sharp teeth will guarantee to give your favorite strain of weed the perfect smoke every time.

once you have easily ground your stash, the weed ground up simply falls through the holes onto the ground plate where it really catches all the best bits with its sifter.

The Kannastor’s patented EasyChange screen is easily changed and it works simply. A very hard and top quality grinder that will last years of service to you.

How Much? $70

Where From > Check it Out Here


If you don’t know how to use a weed grinder, Heres a video to show you how to grind. Credit to Arend Richard youtube channel




Well, that is my little list of the best in Affordable Expensive weed grinders and if you have bought one that You love, please tell us all about it below.


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