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Smoothest Way to Smoke Weed

Smoothest Way to Smoke weed is a need for us stoners as we start to understand personally what works for us to get the best smoothest smoke.

We all start off with a joint passed by the older people that have been smoking it for a few years.

That first inhale, it’s probably the harsh one you will ever have because it’s usually mixed with some sort of tobacco.

The Joint will always be the The weed God because it’s the first way That we smoked marijuana and it’s always passed around at parties (away from other people)  and not going anywhere soon.

A little Tip is that a Spliff is not A Joint. A spliff is usually your herb mixed with some sort of Tobacco, A joint is pure. So for starters if you’re going to smoke one of these then the Smoothest Way to Smoke is to smoke a Joint.

Smoothest Way to Smoke Weed through A Joint.

A good Smooth Joint Is rolled in good quality Rolling paper that is made out of rice (yes Rice) or wood pulp

You must Get a Good  Filter Tip as well because this will help remove a lot of the crap and will smooth your smoke out.

As for the Weed, Make sure you use a good Grinder and Grind it until you get a nice little chunks that you can easily Spread on the rolling paper.

Roll that baby up and smoke a Smooth Joint.

Smoothest Way to Smoke weed

The Next Step Up

To Get Even more Smoothness Is Through A Decent Pipe. They are much cooler and smoother than having a Joint from Rolling paper. A Clean Pipe Will Always have a cleaner and smoother taste. Even though Pipes are not the best smoothest Smoke. They are the best ones when Your Out and about.

Get a Smooth Smoke with the journey 4 pipe

Get a Smooth Smoke with the journey 4 pipe

The Smoothest Way to Smoke weed

The Smoothest Way to Smoke weed is to buy yourself a Proper BONG.  Without a Shadow of doubt, A Good bong that Can hold the most ICED Cooled Water in it that also allows the smoke to recycle will give you the Smoothest Way to Smoke weed ever.

Nobody really has a negative thing to say about a Bong (except it’s not practical for out and about). The bong can really be the best thing you ever bought. It can make you sore to the clouds without really trying.

Bongs are made from a lot of different materials like plastic, ceramic, metal and glass. They also take up different designs like

Many different people have Different views on Different kinds of bongs, which is better, which is worse etc. The Main use of a bong is that the smoke passes through water and the water will cool it and get rid of a few nasty elements as well.

So It doesn’t really matter which bong you buy, as long as you fill it with Ice Water, Use a Good Metal Grinder to Grind your weed well and steadily smoke it.

Simple Bong.

Simple Bong

Remember Stay Safe, Smoke Safe.


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