New Comfort 6 Stage UV Ozone Generator Air Purifier Cleaner Hepa Covers 3000 Feet Acyrlic

$179.99 (as of December 6, 2017, 8:54 am)

New Comfort 6 Stage Air Purifier Model CA3000 with 3 Year Warranty. This is the new Acrylic model from New Comfort. You’ll be able to see the entire parts inside

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New Comfort 6 Stage Air Purifier Model CA3000 with 3 Year Warranty. This is the new Acrylic model from New Comfort. You’ll be able to see the entire parts inside and it looks very attractive.

With air purifiers their are normally 2 systems. One is where a fan pulls dirty air through a series of air filters and cleans the air. The other style is the use of Activated Oxygen or 03 which makes the air smell clean and nice but does not in point of fact remove the allergens from the air like the filter type of air purifiers. The beauty of this air purifier (and why its the best one for the money) is it is in truth a perfect combination of both those systems. So its up to you and it can clean the air in nearly any situation! This high end New Comfort CA3000 Air Purifier has 6 stages of purification, washable filters, 3 year warranty, works up to 3000 square feet leaving your air clean and fresh. The 6 Stages of Filtration that keeps your air fresh and clean are: 1. HOSPITAL GRADE WASHABLE HEPA Filter. HEPA Filter is long Lasting WASHABLE filter. Perfect for removing allergens and dust from the air. 2. UV GERMICIDAL LIGHT – Tests have proven at a 99.99% effectiveness that viruses are susceptible to UV light for complete eradication. UV light can destroy bacteria, viruses, odors and germ microbes. 3. ACTIVATED OXYGEN GENERATOR- May be turned on and off by user. For diminishing powerful Odors like smoke and other odors user may turn on the Activated Oxygen Ozone Generator in unoccupied spaces that keeps your air smelling clean and fresh. 4. Tio2 PHOTO CATALYTIC FILTER Can reduce mold spores, odors and bacteria causing diseases. 5. CHARCOAL FILTER Charcoal filters are proven to safely remove odors and from your air. 6. NEGATIVE ION FILTRATION ion generators remove contaminants such as smoke, pollutants, allergens,.

High End 6 stage 3500 series Air Purifier by New Comfort is up to 30% more powerful than other brands (1500mg per hour)! Uses Washable HEPA, UV, Ionic, Ozone, Carbon, and TIO2 filters that remove mold spores, odors and bacteria. Comes with 3 year factory warranty! Only buy from GreatVacs to receive Warranty!
Dual Mode Air Purifier allows user to run it as a normal air purifier 24/7 to keep your air clean and fresh. Also can use powerful Ozone mode in unoccupied spaces to clean powerful odors like smoke or pet odors!
Compact but powerful! 12 x 9 x 13 inches. Variable speed motor for low quiet mode to full power mode.
Powerful – 2 plate Ozone System, Powerful UV bulb, Powerful Fan for up to cleaning 3500 sq ft.
High End construction – Now you get to make a choice from real cherrywood, black acrylic, or clear acrylic. This can be a high end appliance that will look good in any home and is designed to last for many years yet to come with the New Comfort Factory warranty