Journey Pipe 4 (TM) “A” Grade Pipe in DARK RED

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Journey Pipe 4

Journey pipe 4 has becoming a revolution for smokers especially on the go.

We do agree with you that the best hits comes from bongs while you’re relaxing at home. But when your on the go or out with friends you Need to have one of these cool Pipes with you.

With the use of the V-Gap Tech the pipe gets rid of the clogging so there’s is nothing to annoy you when you light up your favorite bud.

The Journey Pipe 4 also uses screens so it offers a very cool Smooth hit. You can use all your favorite herbs or Vaping Concentrates with this pipe alone.

Because of the The design of the pipe is made from Stainless Steel and it will not break very easy if you drop it. (unlike your Bong)

You will not get any leaks and spills from the Journey pipe 4 as the design of the Magnets and Seal have a snap action and prevents any of this.

Unlike majority of pipes out there, this one is very secret and you can easily stash it anywhere without nobody noticing.

Using The journey Pipe 4

  • Open The Lid To Rotate It
  • Load The Bowl Up
  • Press Your Good Stuff Down So It Doesn’t Get in The Lids Way.
  • Start Getting Great Hits
  • Finish By Shutting The Lid

Cleaning The Pipe

Cleaning is really easy and takes around 30 seconds to do.

  • Open The Lid
  • Get a Damp Tissue or Wet Wipe
  • Clean
  • Done
  • Re Light

If You Own The Journey Pipe 3 There Really Is only a few Differences and We DON’T recommend to Update Unless You Really Have to.

The Main Changes are the exterior Design from Silicon to Zinc Alloy, The Designs of the magnets which dont come loose anymore.


Remember to Stay Safe While Smoking Weed.