Journey Pipe 3 (TM) “A” Grade Pipe in Midnight Gray Get It Today.

$41.79 (as of December 5, 2017, 10:44 am)

Journey pipe 3 is a much better model than its Journey 2 model brother.

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Journey pipe 3 is a much better model than its Journey 2 model brother.

This is the smokers Pipe that everyone is talking about.

Its better design Has

  • Is easier To Clean
  • Non Toxic Finish
  • Filter Gap Tech
  • Hygienically superior to other pipes
  • Easier draw
  • Thicker stem

With the Great Filter Gap Tech It allows Smoking without having to stop Cleaning out the clogs and mess With the use of screens.

Having being Made by a solid Zinc Alloy, This pipe does not break even if you drop it a Million Times.

The user Will get a very satisfying Cool Smooth Smoke and The Great Magnetic gadgets Will not cause Spillage either.

So Go on A unstoppable Journey with This On the Go Pipe, Where You can Take absolute anywhere that you want. It’s very Discreet To as it only Measures 4 by 1 Inch, So you can hide it or stash it anywhere.

A great feature of this pipe is the pivoting lid which provides a secure space for your herbs: pack at home and smoke on the road, and simply close the lid to snuff it out Simply.

Using The journey Pipe 3

  • Simply Snap Open
  • Load your Favorite Taboo
  • Push Down Your Load
  • Enjoy

Cleaning Your Journey 3 Pipe

  • Pop It Open
  • With A Damp Cloth Or Wet Wipe
  • Clean The Damn Thing
  • Done
  • In 30 Seconds
  • Clean after 2-3 bowlfuls Of the Good Stuff.

With Every Pipe, You are not going to get the best Hits Like you do from a Bong. These Pipes Are Design for you when You on the go and outdoors where a Beaker Bong is just not Practical. But on saying that, This Pipes are A great Smooth Smoke For being On The Go.

That is the REAL DEAL. Beware of imitations! Do not Buy Any that Does Not Have the J3 Symbol Under The Lid.

Remember to always Smoke Weed Safely