Evergreen Weed Grinder

Evergreen Weed Grinder have a high Quality Standard made in Seattle WA United States.


Evergreen Weed Grinder have a high Quality Standard made in Seattle WA United States.

Weed Grinder

  • Made From Aluminium – From a Very High Quality Aircraft Standard. Produced on CNC machines creating a Sharp Design with very sharp teeth and durability.
  • Sharp as hell Teeth – Anodized aluminum diamond shaped grinding teeth will really grind your favorite herb.
  • Easy to Clean. So easy that you can do it within a minute.
  • Superb Magnet – Will have your lid locked up good so No more Spills.
  • LIFETIME Satisfaction – 100% satisfaction guarantee. Dont like it, Send it back for a full refund but you wont.
  • Easy To Clean – Takes under a minute.

Evergreen Weed Grinder Review

Herb, Tobacco or weed grinder comes with a nice bag but has no stopper on it. You can use the bag to keep coins etc in it but realistically I never use the bag.  The weed grinder grinder really feels sturdy and hefty in the hand.  The outside lid has a nice indentiants for easy opening.

When opening be very careful of the sharp columns of teeth as they will cut you.

So after testing out the Weed grinder with a few herbs and some not so herby. You put your herbs in the canister and you twist the top around until you dont feel any restraint anymore and then just do a few more twist to smooth it out.

Smoke Test. Having a little smoke with my grinded weed, I felt their was just a little bit inconsistency in the smoke using my journey pipe 4. Some really good drags and some not so good but overall. Not Bad.

The results is a good cut herb, though I will say I dont think its the weed grinder on the market but for the price its good.

Besides you can use these in the kitchen and grind all different kinds of things to place over your cooked foods.

Not the best weed grinder on the market but does the job.

Overall 7/10