Bundle – 3 Items – RAW Do Not Disturb Sign, Pocket Ashtray and RPD Doobtube

RAW Do Now not Disturb Sign
The RAW Do Now not Disturb Signal is the very best strategy to permit others understand you do not need any interruptions all through your consultation. On one facet, the Signal reads “RAW PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB. SMOKE SESSION IN PROGRESS!”. The opposite facet reads “RAW SMOKE SESSION FINISHED. PLEASE BRING SNACKS!”.

Raw Pocket Ashtray
The identify says all of it! The Uncooked Pocket Ashtray is a nifty little ashtray from Uncooked that may be sufficiently small to head with you anyplace you wish to have to be! The pouch itself is made with a paper-like subject material and is coated within with foil. To extinguish a butt, simply drop it in and shut with the secured snap button. In moments your cigarette is going out, at the same time as its scent is locked within so the whole lot remains neat and blank.

Rolling Paper Depot XL Doobtube
If you are on the lookout for a neat strategy to elevate round your hand-rolls, the Doob Tube is methods to move. It’s air tight, scent-unfastened, and water-resistant. Doob Tubes are not flashy or impressive – They are practical! The tubes are made from plastic and feature a rubber most sensible. This seals in scent and forestalls lint, water, or the rest you will have for your wallet from entering into. They are easiest for touring. You’re going to obtain 1 RPD Doobtube. Colours Might Vary

RAW Do Now not Disturb Signal
RAW Pocket Ashtray
Rolling Paper Depot XL Doobtube