Battery Secret Stash, Hairbrush & Rock Diversion Safe Set By Coral Entertainments. AA, C & D Type Battery Pill Boxes – Ideal For Safely Hiding Money & Jewelry, Home, Car & Outdoors Secret Containers

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Keep Your Valuable Items Perfectly Protected And Cleverly Hide Them In Plain Sight Thanks To The Ultimate Diversion Protected Secret Containers Pack!

Have you had enough with feeling insecure every time you leave home or you trip, fearing that your valuables might be stolen?

Have you been on the lookout for a smart, discreet way to hide your stuff and be sure that no thief will ever get to find them?

Coral Entertainments presents you with the ultimate Protected stash set which is bound to meet all your demands!

A Must Have Set That Includes Secret Stash Diversion Safes Of Unmatched Design

This top notch pack includes 8 unique stash case pieces which will allow you to feel perfectly Protected 24/7.

To begin with, the 3 pairs of different kinds of stash batteries will provide you with the opportunity to securely hide large amounts of money.

All you want to do it roll the bills, place them in the batteries and screw them tight.

If you need to make finding your cash inevitable for thieves and strangers, you may additionally place the AA, C and D type batteries in your devices and remote controls too!

In addition, the hairbrush diversion Protected will provide you with ample space for storing items of great value such as jewelry and cash.

It can be effortlessly filled by unscrewing the top cap and it can also function as a real hairbrush which makes it a very practical and useful item!

Last but not least, the rock hidden Protected stash has been specially designed to keep your spare keys hidden.

Its realistic look makes it perfectly blend with your garden environment, making the Protected stash rock completely indiscernible.

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ENJOY MAXIMUM SAFETY AND LEAVE THIEVES EMPTY-HANDED: Keep all your valuable things Protected and make sure that no thief will ever manage to get access to them.
INCOMPARABLY REALISTIC DESIGN BATTERIES DIVERSION SAFES: The set includes 3 pairs of another way sized battery secret stash diversion safes. Ideal for hiding your money, pills and drugs in the most discreet way.
HAIRBRUSH AND ROCK SECRET STASH INCLUDED: The set includes hairbrush diversion Protected and a fake key security rock too. The hairbrush which functions as a real hairbrush, will provide you with ample space for storing cash, jewelry and more, at the same time as the rock stash is ideal for hiding your spare keys in plain sight and make sure no one gets locked outside ever again.
UNMATCHED VERSATILITY AND COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES: This indoor and outdoor diversion Protected stash pack is ideal. All 8 pieces will allow you to securely hide your valuable things in your home, car, luggage, porch, garden, flower pots and more! In addition, you’ll be able to also carry them with you when you trip.
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