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Can weed kill you? Find out Here.

Can weed kill you?

can weed kill you – Well, who hasn’t tried a bit of marijuana at least once in your life? I know I have and Though some people dont like it and some love it there’s always going to be Pros and cons for everything about marijuana.

Lots and lots off people are lightening up a joint more than ever before and there are now 8 states of America that Legalize The use of marijuana for Recreational purpose.  You can see them here at

But it’s really very important to remember, how many people have died from Overdosing on marijuana! “Absolute Zero”

can weed kill you

You’re going to need to eat around 1600 Pounds of the stuff in 20 minutes to Kill you off and thats just not going to happen unless you’re really really Hungry and Really Really have a lot of money to spend on it. So its safe to say its impossible to overdose on Marijuana

So you cant die alone by eating or Dope bong Smoking Marijuana but Can weed kill you differently?  Yes it can, As the altering state of your mind the effects make you decision making and a lot of people go to the emergency rooms for treatment caused by Car accidents, Panic attacks, Anxiety, paranoia and Laughing to Much. Just like alcoholic drinks cause you to do stupid things smoking weed also can make you do Stupid things. So the moral of the story is, Stay at home when you smoke weed.

marijuana can kill you

can weed kill you in other ways?

Yes from things like having a heart attack, which is almost impossible as cannabinoids can temporarily influence cardiovascular function but again this is a very very low case scenario that you would have to have a really bad heart of bad blood pressure to start with.

So the real answer is to can weed kill you. The answer is NO, Smoke it safely and with friends. Dont come dependant on it as it can have long term mental health issues on you. Socially do it and Enjoy yourself Safely.




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