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Bongs Vs Pipes – Guide for beginners.

Bongs VS Pipes

Bongs Vs Pipes is usually a question asked for the new Smoker of the fine stuff. It is the next step up from the casual Joint user. Before We break done the Pros and cons of Bongs Vs Pipes, You need to ask yourself are you going to be smoking a lot at home or do you want to smoke on the go?

Before We break done the Pros and cons of Bongs Vs Pipes, You need to ask yourself are you going to be smoking a lot at home or do you want to smoke on the go?

If you’re going to be doing it in the comfy of your own home then Defo get a Bong but If you’re going to be on the go all the time then Go for a pipe.  If you like to use it all the time, Buy Both.



Pipes are generally the easiest way to smoke your favorite herbs with ease. All you need to do is put your favorite strain in and light the bad boy up and your be high within a few minutes. Pipes are a lot smaller than bongs, cheaper and very very portable.

Pros For Marijuana Pipes

  • Very Low Cost
  • Very Very Portable
  • Easier To Hide From Anybody
  • Very Durable
  • Smoke them Anywhere (where Your…. allowed)
  • Easy To Clean
  • Get higher Hit Of THC Per Draw
  • Easy To Prepare

Cons For Marijuana Pipes

  • Can Draw In Ash (not Nice)
  • If not packed Properly, Weed Will Fall Out.
  • Can Have Bad Hot Draws
  • If Metal Pipe Can get really hot at the end to Hold
  • If Glass Pipe You will (usually) Break it
  • Some Pipe Steams Can be too Short So you End Up Burning Your Hair.
  • Sometimes Can produce Very Strong Hits


Those are our pros and cons for pipes, But in general, a pipe is the first thing you should get used to for a beginner as they are easily replaceable. The best thing is that if you have a low tolerance level then you should get a pipe first as you won’t need much to smoke.




Majority of users Will own a bong of some sort, They are also known as water pipes to avoid legal matters and In general, they are not for portability.  They can be very expensive as there are a lot of different kinds of bongs but we will stay with the basic bong. However, they do do a lot more than your average pipe. All bongs these days have a water filtration system and makes you have a very very smooth, cool smoke that’s also a lot easier on the lungs.

Pros For Marijuana Bongs

  • Water Makes the Smoke is a lot Cooler
  • Ice Can be used for extra Coolness
  • Smoke being filtered will be easier On Lungs
  • Unique and Wacky Designs
  • Condensed Smoke
  • Great Hits
  • Great for Stoners party

Cons For Marijuana Bongs

  • Can loose THC due to water filtration System
  • Water will smell if you don’t change regularly
  • Not Good for stealth
  • Not Good for portability
  • Expensive to replace
  • Needs to be clean frequently
  • Can be tricky to operate while stoned (ironically)


While water pipes / Bongs can be really expensive to buy, you do get what you paid for. You will have the smoothest smoke that you can get, You will have a good night with your friends smoking a bong. The latest bongs will Not break easily and will last for a long time.

You can see how much smoke there is in the chamber so you know your limits and not get too much too soon.

So that is our simple guide to Bongs Vs Pipes and you should now tell which one is really for you, think cost, portability and if you’re going to be a constant user or just a regular one.

Regular user > Pipe

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Constant User > Water Pipes/Bongs

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